- The Mendel Project Frames

Artist: Francois Hurtaud


The Mendel Project is a line of liquid metal furniture and artpieces inspired by the natural and complex forms of different sections of plant stems. This series consists of metal frame featuring Orchid Flower, Yew Tree and Pine Tree.



Over a year of research and development has made those patterns a reality. Liquid metal is an exceptional material that allows visual and texture volumes with high complexity. This collaboration with Axolotl HK was an opportunity to showcase more than two decades of metal finishing know-how. The medium is coated with several layers of bronze, brass or copper and undergo multiple surface treatments from undercoating, metal coating, aging to top coating. A polished finishing brings light to an elaborate metallic coating. 


  • Dimensions: 400 mm x 400 mm x 25 mm 

  • Weight: 2800 g (6.2 lbs),

  • Frame: MDF, hardwood and plywood,

  • Finishing: Brass, copper or bronze,

  • Every frame is unique due to the reaction of metal coating.


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