2018: Exciting Beginnings

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

2018 certainly started out eventfully for us! It’s hard to believe it, but the first month of the year has already passed us by. Despite the cold winter, we’ve been kept warm by running all the things happening!

For one thing, our showroom is officially live. Visit us at Unit 1402A, 14/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, 4-6 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong. Of course, we had to create a partition with one of our favorite finishes: the Bronze Florentine, and with a Verdigris patina as well.

Would it be Axolotl if we didn’t put finishing touches on our own showroom’s handle? Feel the difference from the moment you enter our door with this Aluminium Lunar coated handle.

And it would be amiss to not show off our wall of textures. Showing off a handful of our finishes and metal choices available, it gives a small idea of what we are capable of. We should mention that it’s one thing to see photos, and another entirely to see the metal in real life.

We also have a modest collection of objects and art pieces made with our techniques. Not sure what we are all about? Nothing will make it clearer than seeing the metal coatings we have applied to real objects.

Get in touch! Visit us any time from 9am-6pm from Monday to Friday at Unit 1402A, 14/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, 4-6 Watson Road, North Point. You may also want to call us at 2177 7720 or email us at to get more information.


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