2019 for Axolotl HK

With the end of the year approaching, we'd like to take the opportunity to thank our clients, collaborators, staff and friends for your continued support and wish you all the best for the holiday season and New Year!

2019 has been an eventful year for us, and we're delighted with some of the results as we've slowly but surely started showcasing our increasing mastery over our craft, such as our LINK technique which bonds two different materials (e.g. glass and metal) into a single work.

We've also seen the use of metal, and an increased appetite for what is rarely seen in Asia: the use of rust and verdigris is many works. As verdigris is a natural turquoise rarely seen elsewhere in nature, we're particularly delighted with its adoption in many projects we've engaged with this year.

Some of our highlights include:

- Being used in classy establishments such as the verdigris door in Mandarin Bar & Grill, as well as our water feature wall Moon River in a Central clubhouse.

- Collaboration with artist Shirin Wong for her work Home of Swallows.

- Collaboration with Sprue Furniture for multiple metal & timber works

- Collaboration with designer François Hurtaud on The Mendel Project.

- The adoption of our natural metal coating technology a few avant-garde homes.

We're looking forward to continuing to beautify Asia in commercial and private spaces with our bespoke surfaces. Please look forward to our upcoming announcements in 2020!


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