Basin Collection: Touch of Luxury

Like perfume, luxury shown in subtle touches is often more pleasing to the designer or the tasteful client.

Which is why our one-of-a-kind basin collection is one of our most popular collection yet. Everyone has a washroom, a private sanctuary where one gets clean, and the basin is often neglected in design. But with our metal coating techniques, we transform these into pieces of art.

Previously a guarded secret by a select group of international designers, this versatile metal technique has now been imported into Asia. Regardless of size or shape, as long as the base substrate is fine, we can create a custom metal coating for you.

Using the same high quality raw materials and customization technique as our Australian headquarters, this is the first time designers and connoisseurs in Hong Kong and China have access to this custom metal technique. What is shown here is only a tiny fraction of metal, patterns and finishes we can offer.

To find out more, reach out to us at or call us today at +852 2177 7720 to book a viewing at our showroom at North Point where we can show you more of what we can offer.


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