Bespoke Doors - A Grand Entrance

Over the years, doors have become a significant part of Axolotl’s portfolio. There are many reasons for this; not only are doors the literal entrance to any home or space, but they are a contained flat surface, a blank canvas that begs for artistry.

One of our recently finished projects in Hong Kong. The entrance to this residence is made grand and luxurious without ostentation.

A door finished with Axolotl’s touch is a unique design statement that also happily adds value to a property.

The copper pearl door here is simple, brushed to a beautiful smoothness.

When you choose to partner with Axolotl for a bespoke door, you are given all the advantages without any of the liabilities.

Axolotl prides itself in using the best natural material. Our materials are imported directly from Australia for our global projects. Our particular strength is in working with semi-precious raw metals (bronze, copper, pewter, etc.) to create solid beautiful showpieces that are functional and durable. They will age gracefully with time, and add a touch of nature to your design.

Modern or classic, real organic metal uplifts your design to the next level. As each door must be coated by hand, each door is unique. There are no exact replicas.

Unlike a fully metal cast door, a door designed with Axolotl will be lighter and easier to transport, and easier to maintain, with a much faster turnaround time.

Last but not least, the flexibility our coating offers is vast—the size of projects we can accommodate is basically unlimited. As for the aesthetic, it is only limited by your imagination.

Contact us today to find out how to begin creating your own bespoke door. We are happy to show you a gallery of existing works to spark your own designs, as well as show you a variety of coatings to give you an idea how they look in real life. We also welcome collaboration with designer to create a custom pattern with you.


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