Beyond Metal, Naturally

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

In line with our commitment to being the cutting edge of material technology and innovation, we are happy to announce that Axolotl HK has started moving beyond just metal in our projects.

Above is a mockup of our most recent commission for a feature wall in the client’s home. And it is a story we wish to share, because we have found that what binds our clients have in common is a shared desire for something real and organic, rather than something more superficially polished and mechanical. We believe the art is elevated by this desire as well.

The inspiration behind this feature wall was a flower, its ephemeral life captured forever in natural shale stone. Unlike other finishes that may only emulate stone, this is real shale that the design is carved on, and the red petals was created via a handmade resin that will retain its vibrant shade throughout its natural life.

The use of negative space in contrast to the delicate blooms echoes the minimalist aesthetic that allows the feature to be part of a space rather than an aggressive assertion that some showpieces are. We are proud to continue creating these subtle pieces for our clients.


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