Collaboration with SPRUE -- a fellow HK Studio!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently collaborated with SPRUE Furniture, a fellow Hong Kong studio, to create a special edition of the Tandem table.

Tandem is, of course, the name of the table, bequeathed for its design (more on that later), but a perfect piece for us to collaborate on as well, as this edition would not have come without contribution from SPRUE and our bespoke brass coating.

One of SPRUE’s iconic designs, the industrial style table is incredibly versatile and can fit in a wide variety of interiors. It holds a delightful secret, however, the legs have a seamless, asymmetrical design which makes it an eccentric understated piece. Where do the legs begin and end? You'll have to squint to find out.

Combined with our blackened brass finish, and our subtle Lunar pattern, the piece is unassuming and versatile. But under closer examination, its geometric and material details surprises and delights.

The result is something which is a balance between utility, luxury and thoughtful design. Made with quality materials, the result is a timeless, versatile masterpiece.

We are incredibly happy to have collaborated with yet another Hong Kong studio which cares as much about the quality of their materials and work as us. The Tandem is made of high quality MDF, coated with our custom brass coating, detailed while still in its liquid metal state, and framed by solid matte-black steel. It recaptures luxury in a minimalistic, functional and honest design.

You can order this special edition here now. Naturally, you can also commission your own bespoke version if you so desire. With our large variety of high-calibre materials and finishes, you can even create two separate coats for the two surfaces, using higher contrast to create a master showpiece.

Contact us today to find our more you can create your own designs.