Custom Glass; Endless Possibilities

The beauty of glass speaks for itself. It is an indispensable part of design, the material which best lets natural light bless a space.

But now with our LINK technique, we can infuse metal or concrete designs with glass. As the winner of 2012's Designex Best New Product Award, the judges were "uniformly blown away by the design potential of LINK." Saying that they "could have spent hours guessing the technology: from designer to inventor to material scientist, every judge was enthralled."

We are, of course, the first to be offering this technique to designers in Asia. We've already released our first unique design: leaves that seem to be elevated in a flat surface using a transparent glass drop shadow.

The end result is that the leaves just "pop" out of a single layer of glass, the effect is simply enrapturing.

This custom design was, of course, created with our own LINK glass technique-- on two separate layers of glass, later pieced together. If you have your own custom designs, feel free to contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

Also see for example how this designer created this feather pattern out of Bronze into the glass. Perfectly smooth to touch, embedded into the glass, the metal has a rust patina with a touch of verdigris (green that is unique to natural metal).

You can see an up close version of the pattern here, although the photo truly doesn't do it justice. The interplay of glass and metal just adds the complexity and detail a truly luxurious touch to the staircase.

In this canopy, the ceiling is made of glass laced with wavy Copper Pearl lines. Glass is the material made to play with light, so why not take advantage of it with a unique pattern? Under the sun, we are sure anyone who looks up will be taken by the copper's pearl sheen.

This small space was filled with a custom LINK glass panel by this client. We call it the Assisi pattern, and it's made of Bronze with Florentine Cast. An elegant way to peak into the kitchen.

Up close, this glass piece seems to make an art piece of the kitchen. Unique and luxurious touch to a home.

The above is just a small sample of what we can do with LINK glass techniques. For designers in Asia who want to be the first to pioneer new designs with glass in their projects, we welcome you to contact us for more details and example of what we can do. You can also visit us at our showroom to see more of the range in real life. Simply contact us at +852 2177 7720 to set an appointment up today.


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