Glass Link Project - From Design Concept to Reality

Project Name: Moon River

Material: Glass. Bronze. Verdigris Patina.

Dimensions: 4.81 x 1.84m


In Central at Peel and Graham, a new installation brightens the Central sky garden with a touch of art and luxury. Tasked with the mission to create an environment inspired by the Jazz Age, Moon River is Axolotl HK's take on a water feature wall.

It uses our 'LINK' technology, which bonds our glass with metal. In this case, to Axolotl's Bronze, aged with verdigris patina.

The result is a sky garden with a backdrop which simultaneously draws attention and relaxes for all clubhouse residences.

How it went from Concept to Reality

Early design concept of the Moon River.

Our in-house designer then turned the concept into a detail drawings, which we knew would use our metal and glass LINK technology.

Final line art design of where our bronze Verdigris would go.

This Axolotl LINK glass technology allows us to fuse our bronze-coated bonded glass and back panel.

Which we later tempted with an aged Verdigris patina.

The result being this natural metal blue which will later be finalized to the turquoise of the final piece.

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