Mendel Project: A Collaboration to Art

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

We’ve recently finished our first event: an evening with designer François Hurtaud, celebrating our collaboration in the Mendel Project.

The round art piece and the cabinet’s patterns, inspired by the orchid stem cell that fascinated the “Father of Modern Genetics” Gregor Mendel, could only have been rendered so faithfully and intricately with Hurtaud’s artistic direction along with our state-of-the-art metal coating technique.

We’re incredibly humbled and happy by the excellent turnout. It was a little quiet at first, but as the evening went on, it became a full house. Encouraging to see that Hong Kong has a strong appreciation for art and design!

The Mendel project is only the first of many collaborations we hope to have featuring talented designers in Hong Kong. As proud representatives of Axolotl, we are the first to carry this state-of-the-art technique with materials in Hong Kong. We’re eager to redefine what luxury design means with the vision of Hong Kong designers.


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