Mudita Bar

In Central, the hip commercial heart of the city, there's a bar which has pushed their entrance design to the next level, differentiating it from the rest.

Designed by Joyce Wang Studio, we're delighted at how the final result turned out. The organic patina of natural bronze gives this entrance a weathered look, and there's a unique cross-hatch design which have been highlighted with verdigris (natural metal green from under certain conditions).

The result is an entrance with character. You know from the design that Mudita is a hidden haven which have heard secrets spilled from those unwinding in the after hours.

But while there's a certain gruffness in the design, there's a sense of organic liveliness in the planters outside. Using the same organic liquid bronze, we were able to create a fusion of two natural elements: metal and fauna.

The planter wall here helps soften the design with its greenery. Metal is undeniably a hard material, so fusing a sense of greenery in the design helps soften it, allowing the design to appear sufficiently organic.

We also created the liquid metal coat top for the bar. Here again is a shot of it while we were working on it. It is bronze, matching the facade, with a textured finish.

In the dark, up close, the bar becomes a perfect compliment to your chilled martini. An elegant but hardy place to hold your drink.

Interested in seeing how you can imbue your designs with natural materials and inimitable character? Contact us today with your idea and let's bring your designs to the next level.


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